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2020 March Grand Tournament Ticket sales information

At the following shops, tickets are sold until the day of the match.

Stores sales

・Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium Ticket Box

Sales hour on the day ticket (While the Tournament is being held):7:45a.m.-5:00p.m.

・Other Stores

Ticket Pia stores / Seven-Eleven stores

Internet (PC, mobile phone)

Ticket Oosumo (In Japanese) / Ticket Pia (in Japanese)

NOTICE: Purchasing spots stop selling ticket, as soon as the ticket is sold out.

[General admission seats]

*Arena-style general admission seats are sold at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium Ticket Box from 7:45am, only on the day of the match.

*We have a limit for the ticket. Please buy the ticket before reaching the limit.

*The price of the Ticket for Adult is 2,100yen. The price of the Ticket for Children(age 4 to 15)is 200yen.

*The payment of the general admission seat is only cash.

*As a general rule, Ticket sales limited to one per person. When it is crowded, numbered ticket will be distributed.

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[Meanings of the symbols] : On sale : Just a few seats left : Sold out

as of January 29 / 7:00